Time to Get Your Head in the Cloud

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Time to Get Your Head in the Cloud

You have probably heard the term ‘Cloud Services’ popping up everywhere lately.

Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, you can hardly escape ‘the Cloud’ any more.

Your iTunes songs are safely backed up in the cloud. Your Google Drive is accessible online. You may have already started moving some of your business services to the Cloud as well.

NEC recently launched Univerge Blue, their exclusive Business Cloud Services and there are some exciting features available.

NEC Univerge Blue

Unified Communications in the Cloud

NEC’s Univerge Blue Business Cloud Services deliver enterprise-grade Voice, Mobility, Messaging, Presence, Conferencing, Collaboration, Contact Center and more, to empower your business.

You can count on quick deployment, reliability, and world-class security, making this a very smart choice for your businesses in today’s competitive environment.

NEC has 100 years of experience, innovation, and infrastructure investment under their belt, which makes them a powerhouse in the technology field.

Quick Facts

  • Engineered for high availability, 99.999%
  • Supports private, hybrid, and public cloud UC deployments
  • Fully managed, cutting-edge communication technologies through OPEX
  • Total call control – over 200 UC phone features at your command
  • Perfect for businesses operating in multiple locations/regions
  • Multi-tenant, enterprise-grade security and encryption in the cloud
  • Free your IT staff to focus on your core business
  • Updates in the cloud without interrupting your business
  • 24/7 support and system monitoring

Successful businesses of all sizes are adapting to our fast-paced, mobile-focused world by implementing speed, flexibility, and resiliency.

With the incredible rate of change in technology, capital investment in communications infrastructure has become a significant risk.

Technology may become outdated before it is properly implemented and your business pays that bill.

Univerge Blue shoulders the cost of developing, maintaining, and securing your communications infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business instead.

An impressive "Mobile" Feature Set

Univerge Blue offers a complete suite of customizable communications services for one single, low monthly payment and keeps your employees and customers in touch.

This is a perfect choice for businesses with remote workers, multiple locations and/or geographic regions.

You can count on fast, agile, and scalable communications without boundaries.

Unified Communications also means anywhere, anytime access, on any device.


Today’s business owner has come to count on working “mobile” or from home.

NEC’s Business Cloud Services provide over 200 phone features and applications that let you instantly chat, set up on-the-fly conferences, share presentations, documents, screenshots, files and desktop screens.

When combined with a loaded UC desktop app, it completely revolutionizes the day-to-day operations of your business.

UB Features

Since you are paying for a service, not a capital investment in infrastructure, the cost becomes a monthly operating expense for your business.

Simply choose the best package and features for your business and deploy.

NEC has clearly understood that your business requirements are changing faster than ever before and you need to be able to customize your services to fit your exact needs.

Because services are delivered from the cloud, you can quickly and easily scale your communications up or down, ensuring your organization has the tools necessary to stay competitive in the marketplace without straining your budget.

Step into the Cloud

The world’s major companies have made enormous investments in cloud technologies, security, and infrastructure.

Those investments have already paid off for these international giants, and the rate of innovation and investment shows no sign of slowing.

The cloud is business-ready today. Is your business ready for tomorrow?

Part of a globally connected network, Univerge Blue data centers are instantly backed up and mirrored in multiple locations to ensure a disaster-proof backbone for your vital business communications.

You no longer need to worry about securing your information – NEC has you covered.

Each superior data center features:

  • NEC Fault Tolerance Servers
  • The highest requirements for global cyber security
  • The latest encryption and security protocols
  • 24/7 monitoring to protect your network from unwanted guests


24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Univerge Blue support means:

  • A voice on the other end of the line
  • Instant notification of unexpected network or communication errors
  • Issue resolution and follow-up
  • Knowledgeable and down-to-earth support experts
  • The resources of a global, enterprise-focused corporation

Peace of Mind Options

To give you peace of mind, choose from powerful Disaster Recovery applications for your communications and data.

Add optional methods for delivery, such as public, hybrid, or private Cloud models.

You can even choose to have a 100% redundant, on-site backup of your entire communications platform, ensuring not a moment is lost in the event of an emergency.

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