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With JSL Forum offering state-of-the-art communication systems, including unified communication solutions, we give your business a competitive edge. We have the special ability to compare manufacturers in order to find the system that meets your functionality and budgetary needs. With the continued transition to VoIP, our vendors lead the way with Hybrid Telephone Systems capable of complete data and voice network integration. Innovation in technology has created feature-packed, easy to use communication systems that continue to enhance business productivity.

Unified Communications & Cloud Services

​Run your phones, fax, call center, email, conference calls, remote extensions, networked voice messaging, employee presence, Interactive Voice Response, chat, instant messaging, and custom reporting all from a single console. Unified Communications offers exactly that and more.

Unified Communications

IP Telephones

​Voice over Internet Protocol is without doubt the way to go today. The Internet has evolved from a limited, resource sharing medium into a communication system of unimaginable proportion and power. The Internet Protocol has accordingly become the most popular method for moving data from one place to another, whether across the Internet or through private networks.

Entry-Level Phone Systems

PBX Communication Servers

Hotels & Motels

Unified Messaging Systems with Network Access

Call Center Application with Web Integration

Centralized Telecom Management

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